A Demogorgon Stole My Smoothie

It is amazing to be how not being ready for one key meal can throw off a whole day and potentially a whole plan to be healthy. The meal was a smoothie.

It all started a week and a half after I had started making green smoothies in the morning. Juice, fruit, kale/spinach and chia seeds. The simple smoothie blend was my way to make sure the day started with vegetables–without actually eating vegetables. It was an uncomplicated way to make a healthier life to incorporate real vitamins and nutrients via the smoothie.

I come from a family of breakfast skippers and unhealthy eating. Outside of fast, sugary choices, I don’t get excited about breakfast (at least not before brunch). But a quick, healthy smoothie? I can make that happen!

The day that I used the last of the fruit that I would be without the next morning. I knew that I would be going to the grocery store a day later and figured skipping one healthy smoothie wouldn’t kill me.

So, that morning I had a glass of water, brushed my teeth and headed out. Within an hour I was craving something to eat. Anything. Please?! Donuts, cookies, candy were all available and “healthy” was no longer important.

Then I suddenly remembered there was a nonfat Greek yogurt with honey in my lunch bag. I’d repacked it after not eating it the prior day because it had not sounded good. I was so hungry that I would have eaten anything, so I was glad to have a snack.

And I was satiated.

Until lunch. That beast of hunger came over me like the demogorgon creeping up on Barb and took me to the Upsidedown faster than I could scream for Nancy.

I answered the email that there was leftover lunch from an event upstairs and headed up. I’d actually been staring at my computer waiting for the possibility of the email, if I’m honest about it.

The meat was fatty. The baked beans were runny. The potato salad was full of heavy mayo. And the dinner rolls were chocked full of unnecessary carbs.

And I demolished my full plate. Every. Last. Bit.

I felt terrible. I felt guilty. I went on to have half of my actual lunch, a handmade pb&j sandwich care of my husband, then a carb and fat laden dinner accompanied by a limp salad and microwaved butternut squash that was not palatable.

It made sense to round out the day with a mini donut and candy.

All because I hadn’t gone out of my way to get some more fruit for morning smoothies! I have corrected my mistake and tomorrow morning I will avenge today!


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