Minimize – Step 4: Get It Out

On our adventure to minimize we have:
1. Admitted there’s a problem
3. Got a sponsor

Now it’s time to get rid of some stuff. My sponsor inspired me to play The Minimalists #minsgame where you start the first of the month and get rid of the number of items corresponding to the day (like on the 15th get rid of 15 things). And though the Thanksgiving holiday and a loss of a family member caused us to pause, we let go of so many items!

So, this step is
4. Choose a Game!
It can be a minimalist list (check out my Minimize board on Pinterest) or a calendar game like I mentioned, but choose something to guide you. If you’re reading this, then you’ve had false starts to minimize already. You’re toying with the idea. THIS IS YOUR LEAP!

But, there is one catch to playing a minimalist game. The stuff has to make it out the door and away from your property. Trash, donate, freecycle–whatever fate you choose for your stuff, you must execute in order to minimize. This is what keeps your stuff from coming back. As soon as you say “later” or “tomorrow, you’re undoing your efforts by allowing the stuff to keep residence in your house.

Look, I get it. Getting rid is hard. But keeping stuff you don’t need or use is harder on your time and emotions. Getting rid of stuff means no more cleaning and pushing the stuff around. You’ll also start looking at new stuff differently, knowing that future you might make you get rid of those dollar spot items you’re spontaneously purchasing (darn you, Target).

Choose a game. Make sure it’s one that works for your personality. If you’re competitive, find someone that wants to minimize and compete. If you need to be encouraged, add photos to your social media account and hashtag it up! Take the win for yourself. Because at the end of the day, when you crawl into your clutter filled home and find yourself overwhelmed with all there is to do tomorrow, you’re hurting yourself most. Help you win. You’re worth it.

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