My Favorite Apps

I wanted an app that wouldn’t just take pictures, but would maximize my photos into a scanned document and make the text searchable–this does that! Scannable connects to Evernote and allows me to upload directly to a notebook in Evernote, keeping everything tidy. I can even open an Evernote item and add to it later if I want!

Wondering why that street is blocked off? Find something in your neighborhood you’d like to return? Want to sell something quickly? NextDoor is the new front porch, allowing you everything from sales and free items to service and business recommendations. When we moved halfway across the country to a new city, this was a must have.

Google Calendar (the feature more than the app)
Early in our marriage we noticed scheduling conflicts. We opted for a central calendar using our family email address on gmail. Both Simon and I are logged in on our phones. We’ve also added that calendar to our other devices allowing us to easily see plans wherever we are.

After forgetting my grocery list for the umpteenth time, I took the recommendation to start Wunderlist. I use it for groceries, vacation packing, to do lists and more. I can add links, pictures, and comments to help me remember specifics. And I don’t ask myself “where did I leave my list?!”

It’s focused text messaging that allows easy opt in or opt out. Nothing is worse than becoming part of a group conversation, only to no longer be in the group but still receiving group messages. Each group also has a calendar, gallery, integrates with Dropbox to allow docs.

Speaking of docs, have you seen word for iPhone integrates with drop box?! It’s amazing. And word is free for iPhones with most features you would want enabled.

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