Staying Home after 6 months

I’m 6 months into being a Stay at Home mom.

Here’s the thing: I don’t feel qualified to use that phrase on myself. In my mind, a true Stay at Home Mom doesn’t work. Her focus is raising her kids and supporting her family, not supporting her family financially.

I’m in this weird Work at Home Mom (WAHM) limbo because I work up to 20 hours a week supporting nonprofits from home. I’m constantly in a family/work balance, but I don’t have to leave the house for either. And I’m not alone. As I think about it, with all the MLMs out (Beachbody, Body Wraps, Shakeology, Young Living, not to forget Mary Kay, Avon, and the other old-faithfuls)… the SAHM life isn’t a single thing!

There are different people that come to be SAHMs. Just to identify a few:
1. Women that have wanted to have babies and stay at home for as long as they can remember.
2. Women that needed or wanted to work but are now able to finally live out their dream of staying home.
3. Women that worked and loved their careers, then found themselves wanting to stay home with their kids.

I don’t know that I fall into any of these camps. I’m in the
4. I need and get to be home right now and I’m balancing work and home from home, but if I have to go back to work full time I will. After a year and a half of seeing that I don’t know best, I’m much better at going with the flow.

I’m okay with my niche camp. I’m okay with working all day helping my kids learn and grow and survive (the struggle is real), then spending evenings with my family, then blessing my introverted husband with downtime for his [many] hobbies while I work a few nights a week.

I have stressors like finishing a project with a deadline when my baby is battling an ear infection and won’t sleep. But I wouldn’t have any less stress if I went into an office 40 hours a week. Kids still get sick and deadlines still loom.

Whether SAHM, WAHM, Full-time working mom, being a mom is about rolling with what life hands us. Those that are planners learn that not everything can be planned to a T and kids need freedom to be flexible. Those that are not organized realize that kids need routines and structure. Just like my family life and my work life, being a mom is all about balance.

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