Minimize – Step 3: Get a Sponsor

Get a sponsor? Like Alcoholics Anonymous? No, like I’ve said, Minimize Like The Roberts is not a true 12 step process. But, it is helpful to have someone encourage you through the process and to help you. Ideally, this would be someone that places little to no value on stuff, doesn’t have or want much stuff and can tell you to throw out your scrapbooking magazines from 15 years ago (or more accurately my Dawson’s Creek TV guides–I have all four. Don’t judge). Whether they inspire you lovingly or directly, hands on or via text is up to who you need. Whatever they’re like, the best attribute would be that they be positive–no one is less motivating than a negative Nancy.

The Sponsor

My person is MinimalistTam. We’ve known each other for almost ten years IRL, and she’s amazing. She’s one of my most minimal, sincere, inspiring, encouraging and dearest friends, and she happens to be a productivity and organization expert, so I’m in good hands.

She joined The Minimalists #MinsGame and suggested it to me as well. The rules are this: get rid of 1 thing on the 1st, 2 things on the 2nd and so on. So, in a 30 day month this is 492 things! But don’t let that overwhelm, because we’ve totally got this (and the stuff to achieve the goal).

Here’s how she can help:
1. She can receive images of our daily goodbyes and say “Good job!”
2. She can find awesome challenges and help me set realistic goals.
3. She can share stories of things she got rid of and how free she get. Or things she struggled with getting rid of and why and how she overcame that.
4. She can help me celebrate the win.
5. She will know that she helped me lead a better life with less stuff.

Our goal is not to become a complete Minimalist, it’s to minimize the noise of stuff in life. We are excited to share this journey with you!

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